Dust and Waterproof: Discover Vivo’s IP54 Certified Mobiles 2023

When buying a mobile, it is common to look at aspects such as the camera or the quality of the screen, but something that is common to all users is the desire for the phone to last and adapt to their daily demands, which is why brands are increasingly offering more waterproof and dustproof models: vivo includes at least IP54 certification for its 2023 mobiles, among which is the vivo, Y22, one of the most outstanding mid- range mobiles today.

IP certificates indicate the level of protection offered by an electronic device against water and dust. In the case of IP54, the minimum level included in the vivo mobiles of 2023, implies complete protection against dust and humidity, being resistant to water jets that reach it from any angle.

This is not an obstacle for the most outstanding models in the vivo catalog, such as its flagship mobile X90 Pro, to have an even higher certificate. In the case of the vivo X90 Pro, it has the IP68 protection level, which in addition to guaranteeing resistance to dust also means that the mobile can be submerged underwater without damaging it for the time specified by Vivo.


In addition to these certificates of protection against dust and water, vivo mobiles also have to pass additional resistance tests. This applies to both entry-level mobiles and those of the medium or high range, which are subjected to 32,000 drop tests or exposed to extreme temperatures ranging from minus 40ºC to positive 70ºC. They are also plugged in and unplugged 6,000 times to check the resistance of their charging ports, to check before they are put up for sale that the terminal will be able to meet a remarkable life cycle without complications.


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