iPhone 15 Battery Life: Get Ready for a Major Upgrade

The rumor mill around the specifications of the next Apple iPhone continues to skyrocket. The most recent suggests that the iPhone 15 battery would come with a surprising improvement over its smaller brothers, the different versions of the iPhone 14 that are currently on the market. In the past, information has already emerged about the potential new design that this mobile would present, as well as the layout of its buttons and other characteristics of it.

These rumors come from the Chinese social network Weibo, specifically from a user who claims to be a worker at Foxconn, a manufacturer of electronic components with which Apple collaborates. Said user assured that with an 80% probability, the batteries of the iPhones of the future 15 series would have between 350 and 600 mAh more capacity than those of the 14 series. Currently, the iPhone oscillates between the 3,200 mAh of the iPhone 14 Pro and the 4,325 of the iPhone 14 Plus, figures that many high-end Android devices exceed.

Although this is still just a rumor (in fact, there are already users who have denied the information on Chinese social networks, as reported by the Chinese media IT Home), there is also other information that suggests that the iPhone 15 will incorporate reverse wireless charging, so one of these terminals could be capable of charging other Apple devices without the need for cables.

It is expected that the next iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus models will maintain the A16 Bionic processor of the 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max at their launches, while the Pro and Pro Max versions would have a more evolved chip, the three-nanometer A17 Bionic, with which greater efficiency could be achieved.

On the other hand, in regards to storage, Foxconn workers have also begun to slip that it is to be expected that Apple will make the leap to 256 GB on the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, while on the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus the 128 GB would continue to be maintained.

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