Three ways to locate a lost or stolen cell phone

If you ever had a mini heart attack because you lost your cell phone, or unfortunately you were a victim of crime ; Don’t worry, there is a way to fix this problem.

Both Android and iOS offer users alternatives to delete personal information, block access, or even in the best of cases, manage to recover the mobile.

But remember that these options will only work as long as you act at the time of the loss or theft, and in the latter, it is better not to face the facts without the authorities.

1) Google find my device (Android)

In general, the Android operating system always asks you to create a Google account (for example: ), with which you can synchronize the data of your applications and personal information.

To access “Google find my device”, you must enter (using a PC, laptop or cell phone) this link and log in with your Google account if you have not already done so. Then a map with a list of options and device data will appear on your screen, that is, the search for the equipment begins.

You can then activate the following options:

  • Play sound (the phone will ring for more than 3 minutes, even if it is silent)
  • lock the device
  • Delete all mobile content

Three ways to locate a lost or stolen cell phone

If you cannot access this tool on a computer, you can download the application here on another cell phone and make the consultation from there.

Do not forget that the smartphone must be turned on, linked to a Google account and with an available internet connection. If you resort to this option, it has to be as soon as possible to the loss or theft.

2) Find My iPhone (iOs)

In the same way, the iOs operating system allows you to find, in addition to your iPhone, the iPad, iPod or Mac and thus keep your data protected.

You just need to install the free app, open it, and sign in with the Apple ID you use for iCloud. To download it, head here

“Find my iPhone” will help you locate your phone on a map, lock it remotely, display a message on the screen, play a sound, or delete all the data it contains. 

3) Google Timeline (Android and iOS)

When you use Google Maps, a history of your locations is automatically created. For this reason, this tool allows you to follow the entire route that your mobile phone took and its last whereabouts.

Enter here , log in with your Google account, and once on the map you can select a date and day, according to your choice, as well as view the names and times of the sites that were visited.

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